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Israel puts on a show for the world’s media by reminding them over and over again how they tell Palestinian civilians to “evacuate” (which is an insult in itself since they’re not allowed to leave Gaza due to the illegal blockade), but the reality on the ground is that they tell Palestinians ‘we will kill you no matter where you go - you are our targets’ by bombing all the places they’re taking shelter in - ambulances, hospitals and UN schools.

ياااا ربي هذا دعاء مني في ليلة القدر الكريمة هذه، اللهم انك عفوٌ وتحب العفو فاعفو عني وعن جميعنا يااا رب سبحانك وتعالى ارحمنا ارحمنا ارحمنا ياااا رب احمي اطفال غزة الابرار يااا رب انصر كل مظلوم في هذه الحياه البائسة. يا رب ازرع الامل في قلوبنا. الله يرحم كل الاموات والاحياء..


Today, March 16, 2003, Rachel Corrie, an American activist was killed by an Israeli bulldozer while she was attempting to prevent the demolition of a home belonging to a Palestinian family. She courageously stood in front of the massive bulldozer demanding it to stop.  Despite her efforts, the Israeli driving the machine continued to move forward running her over, killing her.
Rest in peace Rachel Corrie. 

Obama, you’re a f*cking joke.

We are born alone,
Will die alone,
And answer alone on the day of judgement. —(via islamicrays)


Anton Repponen

나는 항상 여기에 있어요
I’m always here
한 번쯤은 돌이켜 생각해줄래요?

Just once, can you turn around?